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Generally, when you hire someone in construction you are dealing with a contractor. Often this contractor can't do the work themselves because they either don't have the knowledge or the tools required; they may be very busy at the time; the project may be too small or too large; or they find the customer hard to work with. When this occurs, the contractor will hire out the job(s) without the customer’s knowledge. When he passes this work on he will get a cut or a percentage of the premium cost of the project. This is called subcontracting the work. Believe or not, during some instances this "subcontracting" action can happen multiple times in a single project. That does not mean that the customer pays extra, however the quality of the work he is paying for may be diminished due to lesser skilled workmanship and shortcuts, lower quality products, or the project being rushed. These factors essentially contribute to possible failure of the project. There are cases where the subcontractor has just abandoned the project midway through. Some of these sub-contractors are not even licensed or insured to perform the work, and attempting to have them return for a final walk-through or touch-up is nearly impossible.

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We at Services Plus, believe in grow together with our stuff. Everyone here is a FULL TIME, year around employee.

  • Each full-time employee is reference checked and a criminal background check is performed. Subcontractors may or may not be checked but their workers rarely if ever are. A subcontractor’s workforce may consist of inexperienced workers or even criminals.
  • Each full-time employee is paid weekly; taxes are withheld. Subcontractors only get paid when they finish. They often hurry through a job to get paid. Subcontractors are paid in cash or a straight check; taxes are not withheld. The subcontractor and their work force will be liable down the road.
  • Each of Services Plus's full-time employees receive benefits, including Health Insurance, 401k retirement contributions and Paid Time Off. Subcontractors get no benefits, nothing, they don’t even have to have workers compensation, which is insurance that provides cash benefits and/or medical care for workers who are injured or become ill as a direct result of their job.
  • Each Services Plus full-time employee gets continual education and training to better their skill set in painting, customer service and safety. Subcontractors do things their own way.
  • Full-time employees want to stay and make sure the customer is happy. Plus employees in particular are invested in their work and are pleased to see a job well done. They are also invested in making sure the customer is 100% satisfied. Subcontractors want to leave as fast as they can so they can get paid.

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