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placeholder Hiago has been working for Painters Plus for 5 years and he enjoys the fact that he will be working in a different location all the time. He knows the In's and Out's of our company's procedures. He started out as a crew helper and has worked his way up to the position of Field Manager.
IMG 0296 Lineker is a new member on the Painters Plus team and we are excited to have such a skilled and talented craftsman working for us. He always has a smile on his face and enjoys making the customers feel confident in his work.
placeholder Wattiley has been working for Painters Plus for a few years now, and has recently become one of our Field Managers. He is always smiling, and looking to make sure the client is completely satisfied. A friendly face and a great family man.
placeholder Claudiney started with Painters Plus over the summer of 2016, but has been in the painting industry for almost a decade. He is very passionate about painting, and is very bright. Claudiney is eager to learn, and is a very hard worker.
Image 1 8 Doug is a caring father of 2 beautiful girls. He is also a proud owner of a 9-year old beagle named "Jake". Doug has been with the company for 3+ years now and really enjoys seeing the customers smile when their project is complete.
image 4 Pedro is a great addition to our Painters Plus team. He is an extremely skilled painter and carpenter and enjoys bringing a smile to our clients faces. Always a friendly face to see, Pedro works hard and enjoys talking to people
Image 1 14 Sena has been married since 2014 and he and his wife have a beautiful baby. He is a wonderful team member to have around and possesses a great sense of humor. Sena has been with the company for 3+ years and has recently earned the position of Field Manager.
placeholder David is Sena's brother and has been a painter since the age of 18. Even though he is young, he does not lack in experience. He works extremely hard and aspires to become a Field Manager in the future. Davi is passionate about photography.
fabio 1 Fabio has over a decade in the painting industry, as well as possessing experience in carpentry and roofing. Happy husband and father of two super handsome boys, one of Fabio’s greatest joys is a Sunday family BBQ/Cookout.
IMG 0295 Junior has over a decade in the painting industry, other than painting he is also has experience in carpentry and roofing. Happy husband and father of two super handsome boys, Fabio takes a great joy on a Sunday family BBQ/Cookout.
image 3 Filipe just got married a few years ago, and he and his wife just welcomed their first baby. He loves playing soccer "online". Due to his quiet personality, he's the guy we always play jokes on. He enjoys working at Painters Plus and says, “it’s very rewarding”.
image 5 Leo is a great team member here at Painters Plus. He is a hard worker and enthusiastic about learning new skills to better himself in the painting and carpentry fields.
Image 1 12 Heli worked as a carpenter before joining our team 4 years ago. He is a very bright and intelligent young man, and the father of two beautiful children. Heli came from a family of 13 brothers and sisters and talks about having more kids... fortunately it’s not up to him!
IMG 0299 Junior worked as a finish carpenter before joining the Painters Plus team. He brings to our team a great personality. He is a new born dad and a caring husband. Junior loves the teamwork atmosphere
IMG 0300 Thiago recently become a Field Manager. He is a new father, and enjoys every minute of it. He is a great member on our team and really enjoys making sure the client is satisfied with their final project.
IMG 0297 John is a craftsman. A master carpenter, who just got married in 2014. His goal in life is to have 6 kids... But I think he will have different thoughts after the second child...
Image 1 6 Guilherme got married in 2016 and is a father to 2 amazing children. He is a great team player. Gui likes to play soccer and guitar in his free time. He has recently earned the position of Crew Leader due to his craftsmanship and responsiveness to customer’s needs.
IMG 0294 Luiz is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. Father of a 16-year old boy, he claims that in his wife he found his soulmate at a young age. Luiz started out at Painter Plus as a power washer assistant and has worked his way up onto a painting crew due to his hard work and diligence.
Image 1 10 Ivomar joined the team in 2014. Father of very handsome little boy and a beautiful young lady, he splits his time between work, family and church, where he is responsible for a group of members. Ivomar is a very hard worker.
IMG 0298 Jonathan recently joined our Painters Plus team. He is a new father, and enjoys every minute of it. He is a great member on our team and really enjoys making sure the client is satisfied with their final project.
Dayna Doane - Executive Assistant

Dayna is one of the newest members at Services Plus, joining our office team as the Executive Assistant. She's been married since 1986 to her husband, Jeff, and they have three grown children. Dayna has been working in the customer service industry for many years and enjoys talking to people which makes her a great candidate for the Executive Assistant position. Dayna also loves exercising, reading and spending time with her family, including her 20 nieces and nephews.


Felipe DeSouza – Office Manager

Felipe is very family oriented and passionate about helping others, always making sure everyone is taken care of. Such passionate and driven personality has lead him to succeed in the sales and customer service industry for a little over 5 years.

Felipe recently got married to his wife Bruna in April 2017 in a small ceremony in Hawaii. They have a lovely daughter and their family mascot, Billy. In his spare time, Felipe enjoys outdoor activities like snowboarding in the winter and going to the beach in the summer, until football season comes around when the whole family spends time rooting for the Patriots!


Julio Perpetuo - Estimator

Julio has worked in the customer service industry for over a decade. He is passionate about the needs and goals of his customers, and specializes in bringing peace of mind to home owners. By making an industry leap to painting from the restaurant business, Julio has found professional success at a high level at Services Plus. Julio loves the outdoors and everything related to comic books. He dedicates his spare time volunteering at an elderly home in Marlborough. Julio is married to his best friend Jackie and together they have a handsome baby boy named Ben.


Gleydson Vial - Estimator

Gleydson was one of the first employees hired by Uga when he was starting Services Plus. After few years working by Uga's side, he left to work with in window replacement and siding industry. Gleydson played an essential role in sustaining and growing the business. In the winter of 2014, Gleydson accepted Uga's invitation to rejoin Painters Plus. With a combination of a strong work ethic and great customer service skills, Uga believes that he is the perfect candidate to ensure complete satisfaction for his customers. His abilities and dedication makes him the perfect addition to our ever-growing company. Married to his high school sweet heart, Gleydson is the father of two handsome boys and beautiful baby girl.


Tamara Defreitas - Financial Manager/HR

Tamara is a visionary leader with exceptional business acumen and the functional competence to drive HR strategy and operations that improve business and personal performance. She works closely with our crew leaders to coordinate training and development needs throughout the organization.

Tamara has been married to Uga for 17 years, proving that behind every great man, there is a greater woman. The mother of two beautiful boys, she's the head coach of the business.


Uga Defreitas - Company Owner / CEO

Uga started painting homes when he was only 21 years old. At that time, he had been working for a carpentry company as a framer for about 3 years.

Uga's philosophy is that he will never understand or know enough, after almost 15 years in the industry he still studies the trade as if it was his first day on the job. Still guiding and growing the business after more than a decade, Uga credits his success to loyal customers and employees. Uga is his toughest critic! He takes great pride in his work. His main concern is the final quality of the job and having satisfied, happy clients. His dad held him to high standards when he was a kid, and Uga holds himself to even higher standards now.

Family ties and trust are very important to Uga.


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