Certain colors can be a mood booster. As humans, we have a natural reaction to colors.

For instance, the clear blue sky can make you feel at peace, and a field of bright daffodils can make you feel optimistic.

The colors in your home can impact your mood too.

According to color researcher Dr. Stone, she states red is stimulating and blue is calming and soothing. The pureness and brightness of a shade play a part in how it’ll affect someone’s mood. Memories with color will also play a part in affecting one’s mood.

In this article, there are some ways that you can incorporate some colors into your life to help you feel happier, calmer, or inspired.

Energy: Red and Violet

These two colors are electrifying and are certain to amplify one’s energy level by causing the body to pump out more adrenaline. A British study showed that when Olympic athletes competed, those who wore red gear won by a remarkable amount, more than their competitors, who wore blue.

If you choose to paint your space these energetic and vibrant colors will work well in home offices, entryways, small sitting rooms, and/or staircases. It is suggested that you avoid them in bedrooms and bathrooms because these are spaces where you would relax. It is recommended that you skip painting your kitchen these colors. If you’re looking to add a touch of color for inspirational purposes, Shane Reilly, a San Francisco interior designer, suggests decorating the areas with fresh red or purple flowers and an accent color. (Like curtains, carpets, or pillows, etc.).

Happiness: Green and Yellow

Insert some colors of sunshine and garden fields to feel more optimistic and upbeat! A study from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam shows that adults reported a higher level of happiness when surrounded by these two colors. It is recommended to incorporate soft or pale yellows if you’re looking to paint playrooms and children’s rooms. Benjamin Moore has a nice hue of yellow paint, Aura, which is a banana yellow color that will be sure to liven up a room! If you want to just add a touch of color, you can add a yellow rug.  It is also recommended to add black-and-white photos to help balance the colors out.

If you’re looking to tone down the room but still wanting to have a bright color, Green is a perfect choice. It nicely ties in neutral tones.

Relaxation and Bliss: Blue

Blue is a popular color, as it is calming. The sky, seas, and beaches are blue. These are all a harmonious part of nature. A Stones study shows that people who dealt with challenging tasks were less anxious after viewing something that was blue. The reason being is due to the fact that it is a relaxing color. Blue is a color you can incorporate in your interior or exterior design due to its transparency. It is recommended to choose more soft and muted blues, as vibrant shades of blues can be overly stimulating.

Here, we have professional painters that’ll add a fresh coat of paint. If you’re having trouble choosing a shade, we have the Virtual Color Tool sponsored by Sherwin Williams that can help you choose the color you desire! If you’re still unsure about which shade to choose for your space, we’ll have one of our professionals help you.

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