Trends for the 2021 household

It’s undeniable. We spend more time at home these days. Twelve months ago, no one knew that we would be reprioritizing the den for the kids to go to class, or that the treadmill was fated to be replaced by the desk you use to telecommute to the office.

2020 has forced many of us to make unplanned renovations to our homes. Those who are too often struck with wanderlust were left traveling within the walls of their homes. Perhaps this was to find that corner of the couch that’s the most comfortable seat in the house. Or, it was repurposing the old pantry to open up more floor space, storage for movable furniture, for all the kids’ toys, our speculative bread baking equipment, and for all the pets we’ve collected in the last 52 weeks.

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All the interior design magazines will tell you that 2021 is expected to be a year of warm, grounded hues, and blush tones should be filling spaces traditionally painted white.


Because these trends are about being more comfortable in the place that you spend most of your time. This is something that Services Plus has been promoting as a key aspect of our business for almost two decades, allowing you to fall in love with your home all over again. 



 Let’s explore how you can make your space go further and how you can go further in your space!



Work-from-Home Hospitality

How can you turn your home office renovation into a productivity boon? Hide-away furniture and the storage needed to accompany it will help with a few different pursuits to crafting your dream home office. The Economist tells us that the increase in remote workforces has actually accelerated productivity, as the comforts of home enable workers to maintain a more constructive focus on their objectives.

First, it can provide comfort and routine. The ability to start your day at your desk before migrating to another favorite home hideaway will allow you to contemplate more thoughtfully on that email you have to send off before lunch.

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Second, adaptability in every room of your house allows you to experience escape in every corner of the house. This can provide that extra boost of energy you utilize to close out your day, or the motivation to combat sluggish Mondays. A trend that once only applied to 5% of the American workforce had risen to nearly 62% in mid-2020, before settling to around 40% before ending the year.

Thanks to research done in partnership with the NIH, we know that greater lighting quality can provide a significant boost to your level of happiness while working. Working from home means that making shifts to increase our bandwidth becomes imperative to continuing innovation. Along with lighting, air quality and ambient noise both have significant correlations to productivity and focus.



Trending Toward your Bathroom Oasis

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Your bathroom might be one of the last places in the house where you can get some alone time.

Let’s hope.

All joking aside, statistics from the conclusion of 2020 tell us that renovating bathrooms has become one of the most popular general contracting projects. Good Housekeeping pushes bidets as the next big trend and data tells us that 60% of bathroom renovations were completed to upgrade the systems in that bathroom. Moreover, 54% of project were just to increase the size of showers and tubs. Modification of walls and layout both make up around 40-45% of projects and less than 10% of projects are ceiling and floor modifications and complete location changes.


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Part of the driving force behind bathroom trends in 2021 are because of the styles that are leaving the focal point of design. Forbes talks about this, preparing for a year that will see the passing of the modern farmhouse. A renaissance of classical features and textures will leave us wondering what decorative entranceway will replace the barn door leading to our dining rooms.

We know that innovative showers and tasteful tubs will begin becoming the focal points of bathrooms designed specifically for relaxation and reflection. How you design around and plan for the extra luxurious features that bring you to ‘oasis’ status – that’s up to you!



Living Plants and Listening Close

We started talking about how air quality and ambient noise levels can help us alter focus and productivity. Modern construction tactics and materials give homeowners more control over their conditions, as greater ventilation allows you to efficiently filter air and contemporary insulation allows for mitigation of noise pollution.

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It was the late 1980s when NASA scientists made the discovery that house plants do not actually cleanse the air in our houses effectively. However, they do have significant psychological and atmospheric benefits.

Atmosphere is shaped by light, objects, air, materials and sound. Houseplants accomplish a number of these aspects, like providing a way to reprioritize light to accommodate your living ornamentation. Frank Lloyd Wright believed that sound and plant elements should contribute distinctly to blending your home with the nature that envelopes it.

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Design trends tell us that now more than ever, blending indoor and outdoor spaces will become a central motivating factor of renovating living and relaxation spaces. Imagine walking from your newly renovated kitchen right out onto your newly refinished and restored outdoor deck. Sure, it’s tough to visualize this in the dead of winter but every step that we take to make 2021 a more constructive year, the more focused, more productive, and much happier we shall be!


To Wrap Up

It’s easy to overlook the features of your home that no longer excite or engage you. When elements cease to serve the purpose that they were introduced for, they no longer contribute to the atmosphere being shaped in our homes. This is why 2021 will be the year of renovating your space so that it adequately meets your changing living needs.

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