Many of us have already begun charting courses toward Spring with blooming hope, wishes of wonder, and plans for projects. With this in mind, it certainly seems helpful to spread around some inspiration so we can round out this first pass of Winter 2021 with ease.

Whether you are working from home or commuting to the office, we all are seeking shelter from the cold. In the process, it is helpful to examine the different ways that the outside brings itself in. How we interact with light, with space, and with our everyday activities—these factors all come together when you are deciding to repaint your home.



“Oh, I love New England”

It’s not difficult to get lost in a beautiful morning, as the sun seems to point each ray to illuminate something spectacular. As New Englanders, we have no excuse to look away from the majestical multitudes thrown at us by Mother Nature each season. Scores of colorful native birds flock for refuge in our yards during winter storms, and our coastlines are speckled by setting suns and settling snow.

Eastern Blue Birds, Central RI

Courtesy of BAC Photography, 2021

Watching these sunsets, nature unfolding around us, we can do it all from the comfort of our New England homes. Sometimes, you find yourself enraptured by seasonal daydreams. Watching light pour over windowsills, walls glowing in angular patterns before undeniably catching your eye. Even though this happens every day like clockwork, it’s mystifying. Maybe it’s the smolder that entrances us, or it could be the extra space that good lighting gifts us.


Home, Sweet Home

No matter what you take away from these moments of getting lost in light, when you are at home you should feel like an artist in their gardens…

…ready to be a sponge to the beauty and serenity surrounding you.
Sea Wall - Camp Cronin, Pt. Judith, RI

BAC Photography, 2021

You know your home better than anyone else–where the sun warms up the hardwoods to a temperature that lulls the cat to sleep, or the way that the tile in front of the fireplace is your favorite place to stand after you slide off clunky snow boots.

We wouldn’t turn to anyone else to answer questions about why you love your home, so why would you turn to someone who isn’t paying attention to every detail when they paint your home?

Artists & their Gardens

Claude Monet would walk through his gardens at Giverny, industriously studying each feature and flower to give them the attention they deserved. ‘How can this paint brush bring a single moment in time, a moment in light, to life?’ –he must have asked himself this question often when he returned to a familiar spot by the haystacks or in front of his Japanese footbridge.

The fleeting moment, this is what inspired impressionist painters to capture light as a snapshot of time. It is a beautiful way to look at the mundane, and it continues to inspire millions who stare into paintings by Cassatt, Van Gogh, Renoir or Monet and are regularly filled with wonder.

Claude Monet – (https://www.claude-monet.com/haystacks.jsp) National Gallery of Art

Artists at Work

An artist that becomes this dedicated to the value that each painting can bring to their audience is a craftsman who we can appreciate decades after perfect hues captured their last perfect moment.

Moments tie our lives together. Between their more mundane counterparts and their exciting adventures, we walk a path through these moments in order to experience life.

When you look around your home, outside and in, what do you think about?

Are you noticing the different angles that inspire you to feel a deeper connection with comfort?

Or, like most of us, are you wondering, “what can I do to make myself happier at home?”

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Our Commitment to You this Spring.

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