Why Services Plus Cares

Services Plus has been helping customers like you fall in love with their homes again since 2002. One of the main factors in reliably providing these high-quality results for our customers is our deep understanding of the products that we work with and the conditions provided to us by Mother Nature’s seemingly bittersweet relationship with our beloved New England.

            “…you don’t like today’s weather? Wait 15 minutes – it’ll change.”

The months that bookend winter and act as a teaser for spring are always unpredictably delightful. Gorgeous afternoons filled with sunlight are rivaled by bitter winds that remind us that December wasn’t that long ago. Those sunny afternoons definitely have our thoughts wandering to the beach, to that favorite hike around a lake, and to all the other escapes that are enriched by the beauty of spring.

Why are We so Excited?

It’s simple.

At Services Plus, we have had our eyes fixed on spring since last year. We can’t wait to get back to work in your neighborhood- preparing projects, scheduling estimates, and staying updated on the latest information from our industry, Services Plus has been hard at work, eagerly awaiting your next dream project.

As March greets us at the door with a jacket that will be too warm by the time lunch rolls around, Services Plus wants to remind you to look around. Do you remember the colors of native birds and trees that surround your home in the spring? How about the accents and trim that pop when your hydrangeas begin to bloom?

Often, it’s difficult to remember exactly what your yard looks like when the leaves come back to the maple tree. After autumn, what will golden hour look like without light filtered through a changing oak speckling your house. Instead, the songs of robins draw our attention to the tall trees that are becoming more effective at soaking up the sun again, casting shadows across and into your home.

Helpful Reminder; interact with light. Listen to what these experiences in your home are telling you about what improvements will truly enhance your space.


What We Do for You

Our teams of estimators, managers, and our crews all understand their positions within these dynamics, noticing how the light changes during each season, how each fresh bloom and new growth compliment your home in all the best ways. The simple reason why: the Services Plus staff spends our time working directly with our customers. Learning about their neighborhoods, their communities, and their goals, we gain an insight into their lives by helping carry out your next dream project.

Since 2002, we have been humbled to earn the trust of hundreds of neighborhoods across Southern New England. From the elegant Victorians of coastal Rhode Island to the sprawling neighborhoods and Colonials on the ways out of Boston, wherever we go, Services Plus pays attention to every last detail.

What to Remember

In the past month, our blogs have discussed the different ways that fresh colors and renovations can bring you an array of positives during these trying times. Many of us are still stuck at home more often than we able to get out, longing for the nicer days that motivate us to get outside. Leaning on the projected trends for this year and on our two decades of industry experience that we bring to the table, we also shared with our customers the different types of projects that could help you achieve your most ambitious goals in 2021.


What’s Next?

You don’t need to be Monet in Giverny to understand that location and your own aesthetic are essential aspects to what inspires you. Perhaps it is best to briefly touch upon some of the most enchanting New England spring phenomena that are taking place right outside your kitchen window in the next 8 weeks.

Before it is too late and Mother Nature has begun playing with spring and forgetting about winter, trust Services Plus to help you make your home look its best. By scheduling a free estimate, you will learn how Services Plus has been building our customer relationships on trust for nearly 2 decades. Leading into this spring and summer that are sure to bring us hopes of rebirth and newfound growth, you deserve to start off new beginnings with a home that reflects your fresh perspective.

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Reasons to Call Services Plus

If you’ve been saying since last September that it’s time to redo the deck…

…it is time to call Services Plus.

If you’ve been noticing the issues in your home’s trim since you last cleaned out the gutters…

…it is time to call Services Plus.

If you’ve been noticing dirt, mold, or mildew accumulating on the sides of your house…

…it is time to let Services Plus take care of the details.