Over the past week it has become impossible to miss the changes occurring across Southern New England. Tulips rush up from the ground around your mailbox and spring’s blossoms are coming into focus.

Benefits of winter’s capitulation are far-reaching. Like we’ve discussed in past posts, the weather enables so many us to reemerge from our homes and explore nature in ways that reenergize us, inspire us, and lift us up. It allows us to see everything in a different, brighter light.

Perhaps you’ve shared a similar thought-process as you are enraptured by morning glories returning to your yard. But your eyes fall on more than just the garden coming back to life, don’t they? This is also the time of year when we notice the home projects that have been put off since you first noticed how badly they needed to be done.

How often do these imperfections catch your eye?

Does it pull you away from all the amazing details and charms of your home?

How long have you been saying that this project is “going to get done on Saturday”?


The Little Things


Noticing these imperfections, while they may be little, can shape your day. Little things make or break your experience. This is true with customer service and it is certainly true when it comes to how you experience and enjoy your home. Going the extra mile with every detail, this is the effort that you should require when it comes to your home.

Another important aspect of the little things happens when they begin to stack-up, it isn’t simple addition – it’s multiplication. We’ve seen it all too often – a DIY project that may have cost $500 for a professional carpenter becomes a $20,000 project because of ill-chosen materials, improper use of equipment, and poor preparation.

Beware of the Real Problems!

Don’t throw yourself into a money pit. Make sure that you know what the problem is before starting a project. The training and education of our estimators and crew reflects the importance of this step. We spend countless hours discussing the way that paint peels and chips, the way that different wood deteriorates and what variables are at play for your project given your home’s location.

Services Plus does the research so that we can understand exactly how to prepare and mitigate the issue for you. Our ability to complete projects with high-quality results is the reason why Services Plus is expanding through your neighborhoods all across New England. Always remember that industry standard means that all the companies offer it to you. Services Plus leads our industry with innovative products and techniques so that we can find the most effective and efficient solution for problems arising inside and outside your home.


Do Your Research!

Reputable sources like the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors provide helpful lists of the most common household problems. With an emphasis on the problems that can quickly compound in price and labor, we also want to bring you some information from HGTV with regard to home issues that should NOT go ignored!

The IACHI underlines the idea that poor overall maintenance of your home can quickly begin to cause major issues. Especially true with the outside of your house, poor ventilation can quickly wreak havoc on exterior carpentry and whatever paint you’ve used to cover up peeling, chipping, or cracking paint.

HGTV similarly stresses the importance of noticing issues with the exterior of your home. Again, it’s all about noticing the little things. Mold can serve as a red flag that something is troubling with your home’s ventilation. Moreover, if you are finding mold in interior rooms that do not have standing water, or if it is quickly spreading on the outside of your home—it is essential that you act quickly.

Issues like mold can give way to rot, infestations, and rapid deterioration of your home’s structure. Peeling paint serves as a good measure of how pervasive the problem has already become. Therefore, knowing what to look for with an emphasis on every detail helps to understand the scope of the work. Granted, even for us professionals, there are times where more issues are found once exterior carpentry is properly prepared for new paint or stain.


What We Do For You

Ironically, many of the issues that are found can be traced back to poor preparation work for older projects and prior coats of painting. Before you start that DIY project by yourself, please be sure to reference reputable sources, like those we’ve featured for you above.


One final piece of advice.

Next time you are hunched over your foundation, desperately trying to assess where the rotting wood on the back of your house is stemming from, finding more and more.

Please put down the DIY YouTube instructional video.

Use that cell phone to call Services Plus and our team of trained estimators for a free estimate.

We fix the problem the right way.


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