A perk of being in this business for the last 19 years has been witnessing so many transformations. The passing of seasons and the quality of our work bringing new life to homes across Southern New England, we have long been intrigued by the way our customers view their neighborhoods and their homes. For 19 years we’ve had a front row seat to these transformations and we’ve also had a heavy hand in shaping the way your neighborhood looks.

What about these flowers?

Spring is now embracing its full potential and with this comes the completion of our first exterior painting projects of 2021. The back roads of MetroWest and the coastal passages tracing the eastern borders of RI and CT are dappled once again by apple and cherry blossoms. With fresh and exciting tones come the potential of growing in your space and falling in love with your home all over again.

Spring – New England Style

Beginnings and endings are hallmarks of spring in New England, as those apple and cherry blossoms will shortly give way to verdant landscapes that carry us into summer. So, it is fitting for us to discuss how projects begin and the steps that we take to make sure each project is completed to exceed expectations. As much as April showers bring us May flowers, the projects that we are completing in your neighborhood right now will also connect us to the projects that take us into the warmest months of the year.

Satisfaction – Services Plus Style

At the end of each project, we guarantee our results. Starting far before your final walk through, our experiences inform how we show up to each project. When we do have our final walk through, we ensure that the results live up to the Services Plus standard. Going above and beyond other companies, Services Plus is dedicated to bringing you solutions that fix underlying issues with your home’s paint or carpentry. It’s simply what we have been doing for the last two decades. Furthermore, in the last two years as we opened our second office in RI, our commitment to quality has not wavered.

Our commitment to going above and beyond is often what brings us to your front steps for the first time. Our team of thoroughly trained estimators and their supervisors all have important roles in assessing the scope and price of your project. Through working with them, our customers gain a full view into the steps of their project. Having such a close contact with our business eliminates the hassle of being surprised. Services Plus believes that our customer service should function at the same level as our luxury painters and carpenters. So, that’s what we bring to you.

You’ve seen our lawn signs and our trailers throughout your neighborhoods – and we are willing to bet that you’ve also seen the caliber of work that we are completing behind those logos that you see. “Have you seen the new color on that house across the street?”

“It looks brand new!”

This is the driving force behind Services Plus – the undeniable quality of our work. Our customers are eager to share their satisfaction with their neighbors and friends. Many examples come to mind of MetroWest neighborhoods that feature our work on more than half the houses, cul-de-sacs where each home has contracted with us, and dead ends that feature our trademark attention to details wherever you look.

Built on Trust, Since 2002

Trust is the foundation that Services Plus has been building on since 2002. Partnerships with vendors and suppliers catapult us to the top-shelf of Southern New England painters and carpenters. For example, at the end of this month our General Contractor and CEO, Uga, will be participating in an event with Sherwin-Williams during Boston Design Week 2021.

At 1:00pm on Thursday, April 29th Uga will discuss how his experience helps him bring the latest products and services to our clients. Having this expertise, Services Plus can bring you a host of services that other companies cannot offer. For instance, we have been excited to offer our exterior painting customers a free upgrade to Emerald Rain Refresh by Sherwin-Williams this spring. Self-cleaning technology allows this paint to use April showers to stay clean. Each drop of water or rain will take dirt and particles off the side of your house, maintaining that like-new look for longer with the benefit of an ultra-durable protective coating on your home.

By the time May flowers appear, your house will be looking brand new.

May Flowers, and beyond!

When you begin your project with Services Plus you are receiving decades of combined customer service, painting, and carpentry experience. You are receiving the insights and knowledge of our dedicated staff and crews. You are receiving the fruits of our partnerships with companies that can help us bring you the newest products, the newest services, and the most efficient practices in our industry.

Mention this blog post when you’re preparing for your next exterior painting project to also receive this free upgrade to Sherwin-Williams Emerald Rain Refresh exterior paint. This offer cannot be combined with other coupons or offers.

Be sure to RSVP for our Boston Design Week event in conjunction with Sherwin-Williams!