Benefits to Refinishing or Building a Deck


Decks provide a space for quality time shared with loved ones, or to relax in solitude. Whatever the reasoning behind your desire for a deck or pursuit to improve your current one, it is essential to maintain the structure and look. Overtime, the structural integrity of your deck becomes outdated, making it difficult to properly utilize the space. In this article, we will discuss these benefits including structural integrity, and appearance features that best suits your needs.


First and foremost, the safety of your deck holds high importance, and determines if you should even host that dinner party you have been dreaming of. However, our decking experts will ease your worries and will properly assess any issues such as soft or rotten wood and follow up with the necessary repairs. Replacing existing railings or building new ones, is also an added safety measure. We’ll be there for you every step of the way; from designing, pulling permits, installing up-to-code structures, and finishing product choices.

Utilizing Space

The next important step to mention is accurately occupying the space your deck takes up. Which is why Services Plus is the perfect crew to complete the job. Why you may ask? Because of our range of services we offer, custom carpentry is an option to make the personalized space that you and your guests will love. There are a number of possibilities a deck can be used for, depending on your personal goals for your backyard. For example, decks hold a variety of uses including swimming, gardening, and of course dinning.

We can do it all! Interested in finally getting that outdoor entertainment system to accompany your time in the hot tub? Adding a deck whether to a hot tub or pool, also opens a myriad of opportunities for sunbathing or socialization all while providing a sleek appearance. Especially with the wonders of New England autumn around the corner, having a space built for outdoor hosting allows you and your loved ones to enjoy the subtle weather changes. For those who are gardening fanatics, we didn’t forget about you either. Your vegetables, flowerpots/beds will be in good hands. Having a deck built specifically for gardening allots easy accessibility to your favorite hobby.

Decking Options:

Whether you are getting your deck touched up with a fresh coat of stain, or having one custom built with your vision (and our help) in mind, don’t forget to inquire about color, railing and material options. Having railings provides an added level of safety, not to mention its high curb appeal. Expanding your lifestyle with expertly built and custom designed decks is the first step towards total relaxation. Creating an outdoor living space takes careful planning and skilled installation. Every home has unique circumstances and challenges; from grading issues, exposure, to home design. However, with Services Plus, we can ensure you that the process will go smoothly, and the result will turn out even better. To learn more about different decking and railing options, click here!


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