4 Benefits to Remodeling/Refinishing your Basement

When left to the experts, a basement can be a great usage of space for a plethora of reasons. Whether you have kids, love hosting friends and family, or are just looking for some quality ‘you’ time, Services Plus can transform a once cold and desolate basement into a warm and inviting one. A place once merely used for storage, can be optimized to suit your custom requests. Ensuring the flow and functionality works in tandem with your needs is a goal of ours to surpass. Our trusted and well-trained basement contractors are capable of achieving the following: installation to painting of floors/walls, taking care of necessary plumbing or electrical work for new bathrooms, and putting in kitchenettes and cabinetry. Additionally, we take extra precautions towards preventing flooding and mold growth. 

Properly utilize the space to fit your needs

Your basement doesn’t have to be solely a space for your partner’s “man cave.” In fact, a remodeled basement can be used by anyone! Work with one of our project estimators to further expand on the scope of work you may request. Adding a kitchenette and bathroom is an efficient method of utilizing the flow of the space. Especially if you enjoy hosting; these additions will only contribute to your image of a great host. Similarly, including a spare bedroom to the blueprint can have a similar effect, especially if you have kids who may have grown our of their current bedroom. You also may enjoy having both a family and a play room in your basement to accommodate your whole family’s needs! We have you covered for the following services including: carpentry work such as installation of floors and walls, painting, color consultations, as well as the necessary details such as plumbing and electrical.  As always, our estimations are free and once your project commences, you don’t pay anything until you are completely satisfied with the job!

Working from home has never been so easy 

With the increase of working from home, having a quiet and inspiring place at home can really help encourage a positive and productive workflow. According to basic color theory, oranges and yellows can evoke emotions such as enthusiasm, determination, creativity, intellect and energy. These aspects can certainly nurture the growth of your career! If these colors are too bold you can desaturate them by using them as wall accents instead. Yellows and oranges, not really your style? You can never go wrong with neutrals! Adding a home office to the basement, can provide a private space to hone in on work tasks.

Skip the lines, work out from home

There are various benefits to add a home gym in your basement, let us share our insight. First and foremost, because a basement is on the ground-floor, it provides a stronger base to hold heavy workout equipment. Additionally, basements typically harbor a cooler temperature compared to the rest of the home. This is due to the fact that hot air naturally rises and cold air falls. Remodeling your basement to include a home gym is a great investment, and overtime you can save money you would have otherwise spent on a gym membership. Next, you don’t have to worry about which machine will be available at the gym because they are already there! On top of it all, you don’t have to worry about what to wear at the gym, because you are in the comforts of your home. We can make custom accommodations to fit the needs for your home gym with details such as offering advice for paint colors that will fit the atmosphere of the space, intricate designs on the walls such as wainscotting, floor installation that are suited for the home gym lifestyle and much more!


You can’t go wrong with extra storage, especially if your home may be lacking in that aspect; especially in a refinishing basement with well insulated walls, and control over the temperature. Adding storage space such as walk-in closets can be a great usage of space to host your holiday decorations, out-of-season clothing, or really anything else of your choosing! Well-insulated walls, checking the plumbing and the proper paint can ultimately help reduce levels of humidity, therefore increasing the longevity of the items in storage. (Less humidity also means less of that basement smell!) In conclusion, we have the tools (literally) to create storage rooms, install doors, walls, floors, etc; really anything you need to fall in love with your home again.


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