The Beauty of Home Renovation Projects


Have you been wanting to update your home’s appearance, but just don’t have the time? Although DIY projects can be a great tool; not everyone can manage it between working, raising kids, or simply relaxing. Therefore, leaving your home renovation projects to the experts at Services Plus is the right way to go! From pulling permits, hiring plumbers and electricians, and creating blueprints, (is only a portion of the services we offer) we can provide you with a carefree experience overall, so you can get back to your busy life. Here are some projects that we have worked on that have made our client’s lives easier. 

Kitchen Remodel:

In the first photo, you will see a well-lit kitchen with features that the client wanted to updated. Let’s start with the cabinets. If you have read our previous posts you may be aware of the many benefits to refinishing rather than completely remaking them. If you are new here, that’s great, let us explain. By refinishing cabinets, it not only saves time but also money. Our crew took time to cover all of surfaces that could get damaged, and then worked on prepping, cleaning, sanding, and repainting the cabinets. They were transformed with a fresh coat of white paint. Dark blue features were also added on the center island and the stove hood. This kitchen remodel left the space with refreshing attributes that contributed to its modern edge. 

Deck Refinishing: 

Are you getting ready to gear up for the Spring and Summer? Get started with an updated deck! Safety is a top priority, in order to securely hold you are your loved ones. Our decking experts are suited to address any structural integrity issues such as sort or rotten wood. This evaluation will be followed by the necessary repairs and procedures including pulling permits and installing up-to-code structures. Pictured below is a beautiful water front property. It’s out of date deck and staircase was surely keeping the beauty of the property down. We updated both the structural integrity and and installed new decking overall.  Additionally, the stairs were left properly leveled and were accompanied by a strong black and white railing.

After ensuring the safety of the deck is up to par, working on updating its appearance is next. We can provide you with samples that will guide your decision making process for the best style, color, and price range for your taste. We offer custom carpentry to personalize a space that you will love. Depending on what you plan on using your deck for, our crews can make this become a reality. 


Custom Carpentry:

Whatever you have in mind, our team of master carpenters and artisans are ready to help your vision become a reality. With years of experience and industry expertise, Services Plus has a versatile crew to meet your needs. Some projects we’ve done in the past include: adjusting and trimming doors, cutting out pet doors/flaps, installing timber floor or decking, creating a home library with custom bookcases and shelves, building TV cabinets and entertainment centers. A great example of a custom carpentry we recently completed is this Staircase Railing Replacement project (featured below.)



The following is what was completed to get the final result: demo/dispose existent railing system on the staircase, remove all treads that were originally drilled, remove posts and risers as needed, install new treads and risers, finish treads, and paint new risers to match existent floor and trim, and install new view rail system by manufactures instructions.  For more information regarding the custom carpentry jobs we are equipped to handle, feel free to give us a call or head over to our contact page to submit a detailed form of your project and any other details we should know.

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