It’s a great time to update your deck!

Spring into the new season with an updated or brand new deck. The upcoming warmer seasons is a perfect time to get started on that carpentry project you have been waiting to start since winter. Additionally, our power washing schedule is back up and running, you can get the total home renovation package with a deck remodel/refinish and a paint or stain on the siding of your home. In this article, we will list what factors affects the cost of the final project. 


What is the average cost of a deck?

Homeadvisor, run by Angi provides a detailed account of the various elements that determines the average cost of a deck. These numbers are approximate, and the best way to get a more accurate account of the cost would be to schedule an estimate with us. About half of the cost to build a deck goes to labor, these prices averages, at $15-35 per square foot. We can provide you with a free estimate and blueprints for your upcoming project with us, such as the one that is shown below.


These prices also are altered based on the size, material, location, and any added features. For example, we renovated a deck and staircase right on the water. We had to ensure that all elements were up to code. Although, it was a challenging project, to engineer both the deck, stairs and the added features, our competent team of general contractors was able to complete this project that the client will be able to appreciate for years. 

Although making a deck look presentable, with a fresh coat of stain, etc, it is important to ensure that the deck itself is up to code. During an estimate, our General Contractors will check for rot on both the floor boards and frame. Not all decks require a total demolition, but our crew can certainly handle the job!







Added features to a deck will vary based on what each client’s requests are. Our team is equipped to handle projects from aboveground pool decks, screening (to keep out pesky bugs), personal entertainment systems, staircases, and much more!

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