Your Options:

To paint or stain the exterior of your house, that is the question. There are various kinds of stains that can also be used for decks and cabinets, however in this article, we will discuss the differences between paint and stain used for exterior siding projects. If you are still unsure after reading this article, we offer color consultations at no cost. An expert on our team can walk you through the best paint or stain options.

Paint vs Stain:

With over 20 years of experience in the construction and painting industry, our experts have a vast knowledge of the best paints for your exterior or interior project. Let’s start with the benefits of choosing paint over stain. Firstly, it is more commonly used than stain most likely due to the fact because there are more colors, sheens, and mattes. Additionally, compared to stain, prior to painting, the surface typically has to be primed for the best results. Because we so often buy our paint from Sherwin Williams, our partners have created a list of the most popular whites and lights for interior and exterior paint from our client base. A fresh coat of white paint, whether on the interior or exterior of your home, adds a brightening and modern effect. 

Now it’s time to move to stain. It is important to note that once a surface is already painted, stain cannot go over it. Additionally, stain absorbs into the surface it is applied. Stain does not need to be used on a primed surface, which makes it more convenient for initial and future application and reduces labor time. Because stain permeates the surface of the wood, it may fade over time, rather than peel. Next, stain creates a textured look that enhances the wood’s natural grain. We often use Sherwin-Williams WoodScrapes Exterior Acrylic Solid Color House Stain and WoodScapes Exterior Polyurethane Semi-Transparent House Stain. When applied, semi-transparent stain allows for the natural wood to look more pronounced, it also providers a slightly pigmented appearance. Whereas, solid-stains, have a more opaque consistency and it more closely resembles paint due to its full coverage, it also has the highest protection.

We approximate that an exterior painting project should last seven to eight years until it needs to be painted again. We also provide a three-year warranty. During a final walkthrough, or after the completion of the project you can request any touch-ups that follow under the scope of the estimate you were provided during the three year time period.


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