Eaves are located underneath the roof, specifically where it juts out from the house. There are also 3 basic types of eaves including: closed, open, and boxed. Of course there are aesthetic benefits to eaves, but they also provide ways to save you money. The overhang the eave creates directs water away from the siding, windows, and walls of your home which in protects it, and helps with longevity. Additionally, this factor allows for greater ventilation and a reduced cooling bill during the warmer seasons, as you can open your windows without fear of rain entering and it also increases shade exposure. 


Let’s start with soffits, which can also be described as the roof’s ceiling. It is located in the horizontal underside of a roof eave that extends past the exterior wall. There are various benefits to soffits, which are included below. Soffits helps to regulate your home’s temperature, which allows your roof to “breathe.” The proper management of temperature plays a crucial role in effectively oxygenating your attic and just below your roof deck. Additionally, soffits, help decrease the risk of damage caused by moisture and condensation. 


Next, let’s talk about fascia which can also be referred to as the “transition trim” between the home and roofline. The role of fascia is to serve as support for the shingles and helps keep moisture out. 

The fascia is the outward facing horizontal board that connect to the ends of the roof rafters. The main role of fascia  boards is to provide a barrier between the outside elements and the inside of your roof. It also serves to protect your home from water damage, mold and decay, and supports the bottom row of shingles  Like eaves, there are different types of fascia boards, including: wood, composite, vinyl, and aluminum. 


Wood is an affordable option and with certain finishing, can be water-resistant. Next, are composite boards which is made of recycled wood chips and sawdust and bonded with epoxy resin. Although it is a more expensive option, itt is rot resistant and durable. Vinyl fascia is also a durable option, easy to install, and its repair and maintenance cost is lower compared to wood boards. Aluminum is last and holds a flexible appeal and can be wrapped around wood fascia boards for an added layer of protection. 



Dormers are windows that are that are typically set vertically on a sloping roof. They are easily distinguishable, with their own roof, and typically designed into the main roof for either protection or aesthetic reasons. Dormers also increase the space underneath, adding an additional 30 square feet to the ceiling. There are also various types of dormers including: gable, shed, flat, hipped, eyebrow, pedimental, and arched. 

All of the aspects mentioned in this article can be repaired or replaced by Services Plus. Completing any necessary carpentry prior to a painting job ensures that we do not paint over any rot or decay. Give us a call or fill out the form on our website for a free estimate!


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