If you are in the market to sell your home, this article is perfect for you, as we will list a number of projects with a high return of investment rate (ROI.) Ensuring that your home has strong curb appeal, can attract a higher number of potential buyers. This factor, paired with analyzing the real estate market for the best time to sell, can also increase ROI. 

Exterior Painting:

Allow me to paint the picture for you. From the view of a prospective buyer, what looks better? A house with chipping, peeling, or faded paint? Or a house with a fresh coat of paint, (accompanied by any necessary carpentry work?) You can reap up to a 55% ROI on exterior painting. Even if you aren’t planning on selling, exterior painting is always a great way to boost curb appeal.

Building or Remodeling Decks:

Building a deck can surely be a timely and costly project, however, our team of experienced contractors are qualified for rebuilding existent decks, building new ones, repairing and staining. According to Remodeling Magazine, the average of home owners spent around $16,000 to build a deck, with 60% of the investments recovered. Restoring a deck is always a cheaper investment with a higher ROI. Repair costs for wooden decking is typically cheaper than rebuilding or building a new one, and has a higher chance of seeing the funds be regenerated with a 600% over increase. 

Building or Remodeling Pergolas:

A pergola is an outdoor structure that formulates a shaded area. They’re great for hosting, as they provide relief from the harsh sunlight during the summer. You can also personalize what is added including: lighting, speakers, entertainment systems etc.  Adding a pergola brings in about a 50% ROI to the money you have put down. 

Replacement of Rotten Wood:

Think of a canvas, would you want to paint on a crumbling one, or a sturdy brand new one?  This is similar to replacing rotten wood, which is the base for exterior painting. If it is not replaced, it can quickly spread and infect the other parts of the house. Rotten wood is caused when it becomes dampened, which is a perfect breeding ground for fungi. The longer the rotten wood sits, the more the price will increase for replacement over time! Which is why when you see any signs of rot give us a call!

Installing New Siding: 

If the rotten wood that was removed happened to be siding, you should consider the various materials and colors they come in including: vinyl, composite, and natural wood, to name a few. If our estimator notices any cracking, rotting, or mold, we recommend the siding to be replaced. There are various benefits to replacing or repairing the siding on your house including decrease in energy bills, more attractive curb appeal, and of course, increased resell value. New siding recoups about 68% of its cost at resale. 


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