Types of Doors:

One can argue that the front door is one of the first parts of the house the eye is drawn to. Regardless of whether this is true, it is a fact that having an artful and well thought out front door will certainly boost curb appeal. There are three main materials used for front doors including: wood, fiberglass, and steel. Each material offers different benefits whether that may be energy efficiency, various design options, and safety purposes. 


Fiberglass has a look that mimics the grainy appearance of natural wood without the upkeep. The first point to make in regards to its benefits is  the fact that it will not get stuck in the summer or let in drafts in the winter due to its efficient insulation. There is a foam core to help with this factor. Additionally, fiberglass is very durable, and can hinder criminal activity. Two relevant styles fo fiberglass doors include solid fiberglass, and fiberglass with glass windows. Each option has their benefits. A solid fiberglass door is low maintenance and rot resistant due to its composite framing. Fiberglass doors with added windows, are not only aesthetically pleasing, they let a significant portion of light in. If you aren’t keen on transparent glass, and want more privacy, more opaque options are available. 



Although a solid wood door is a large investment, it offers a versatile range of advantages. Firstly, it is a great insulator, which can contribute to a reduction in energy costs. Additionally, it is relatively easy to change the color of a wood door, in comparison to other materials. Stain or paint can be added from the door, for a a swift and money saving color change rather than total replacement.


A steel door offers high security and protection from both (potential intruders) and the elements. Steel doors are also one of the most weather resistant materials available. Steel is made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel that covers rigid foam cores. A pure steel door would carry a high weight, therefore most steel doors have a wood frame (otherwise known as a stile.) These attributes helps prevents water absorption. Enamel primer can be used to reduce the appearance of fading, and epoxy primer can be applied to aid in the resistance of corrosion.  

Styles of Doors:

Glass doors:

Let’s lots of natural light into the foyer, and also adds protection from pesky outdoor nuisances. Double paneled glass doors provides extra security, durability and insulation. Doors can additionally have glass panels distributed in various parts of the door, if you don’t necessarily want to commit to a full paneled glass door. You can enjoy the natural light without the potential of having a drafty front door.

Speakeasy door:

This style mimics the doors during the prohibition era, featuring a small opening window within the door which can be closed with a latch. 

Double Doors:

Double doors certainly can help catch lookers eye’s when they are going past your house. These are great to show off your foyer when the door is opened, great for moving as well, as there is more space for furniture.


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