The birds are chirping, the flowers are blossoming, and the soil is ready  for a bountiful harvest to be planted. Vitamin D is a natural mood booster, which is why getting outside and soaking in the sunlight is important for your overall well being. With that being said, having a yard that you can enjoy is essential. In this article, we will list the various attributes that  Services Plus can help with to create your own unique outdoor experience.


Pergolas have various advantages for reasons other than vanity including, protection from the shade, privacy, a great support system for certain plants. Firstly, if you are unsure of what a pergola is, it is an outdoor structure featuring columns and an open ceiling concept using incorporating lattices or trellises. Pergolas are great structures to grow climbing plants such as: Climbing Hydrangea, American Wisteria, and Trumpet Honeysuckle to name a few. All of these plants are non-invasive to the environment and also provide a level of protection from the sun, and privacy from neighbors or on lookers with a natural remedy. There are various materials used for pergolas including but not limited to: wood, vinyl, metal, and fiberglass. 

Gardening and Landscaping:

The cherry on top to a completed carpentry or exterior painting project is a beautifully manicured lawn or garden. Of course during the construction process, our team is cognizant of your space, especially if you already have a garden. Adding a fire pit, outdoor shower, or custom wooden containers for plants, are all great additions 

Custom made sheds:

Sheds can be used in a number of ways besides housing gardening tools, although that is one of the methods of usage. The professionals at Services Plus can not only replace rot, shingles, and siding of a shed, but can also make custom renovations. Do you need a new door? A fresh coat of paint? Added cabinets? We have you covered!

Deck Rebuilding and Refinishing:

Decks should be a space where you can spend quality time with your loved ones without the worry that your deck may collapse. Over time, the structural integrity of a deck becomes less secure, which is why any signs of decay or rot are important to address before any aesthetic changes are made. We will pull proper permits, and install up-to-code structures in order to ensure everyone’s safety. We also can assist you during the design process. Our decking experts can provide you with the best guidance when it comes to materials, layouts, adding railings, stairs and anything else you may request.

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