Have you heard about the various styles of decks that are available? There are a number of different types of decks, to choose from. However, there are certain factors that will determine which style best suits the location, and space that is available. In this article, we will discuss a variety of decks and their benefits including: attached, detached, multi-level, wraparound, entryway, and swimming pool decks.


As per its name, attached decks are structurally attached to the home. An attached deck acts as a direct extension of the whichever room it is congruent to, whether it may be a dinning room, living room or kitchen. These types of decks are most similar to patios, except they are raised, and made with either natural or composite materials. Attached decks provide additional living space that can provide protection from the sun, with an added pergola of your choosing. Adding a deck, increases curb appeal to potential buyers (if you are interested in selling.) Although there are various benefits to an attached deck, it requires extensive permitting and building inspections, as well as ensuring the structures are up-to-code. All of these factors can be dealt with by a Services Plus deck building professional.


A detached deck, as you may expect is not attached to the home. In fact, it can be built almost anywhere on the property (given the right environment.) It is similar to a center island in a kitchen, except outside! Stairs and railings can be added for increased safety. One of the perks of this deck type is that it can be built over areas with pool drainage, bumpy or rocky and uneven terrain. You can add shrubbery, bushes, and flowers to create your own private oasis. However, a downside of detached decks is that they are more susceptible to rot, because it is not on an elevated surface.


A wraparound deck is a dream for most homeowners due to its usability and appearance, and Services Plus can make that a reality. Wraparound decks provides a large outdoor space that connects multiple sides of the house. Working with a Services Plus contractor, we can work on the size, whether that is narrow or more spacious depending on your budget. There are various advantages of a wraparound deck. Due to the expansion of a wraparound deck there is lots of room for outdoor furniture, grilling equipment, a hammock, or whatever else you may want to add.


If the space that you are planning to get your deck built on consists of uneven terrain, a multi-level deck can be a relatively budget friendly option due to the fact that it can be built on this environment without needing the surface to be leveled like a patio. However, a multi-level deck is considerably more expensive than a standard deck A multi-level deck harbors a number of different segments that are all attached to the home. These various structures are attached with stairs and railings. Because a multilevel deck is certainly a large feat, it is important that everything is up-to-code, and all of the proper permits are pulled.

Swimming Pool Deck:

Whether you have an above or underground pool, a swimming pool deck has its various benefits. The first one being an added space for relaxation. Adding a deck allows you to utilize the space however you’d like. You can add chairs to lounge on, a grill, or outdoor furniture. In comparison to other materials, decking made from wood or composite are easier and cost effective