Finding the right company to refinish your cabinets is no easy feat. However, Services Plus has a team of licensed and insured carpenters that are highly competent in refinishing your cabinets. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind cabinet refinishing and its benefits. 

What is cabinet refinishing?

As per the title, cabinet refinishing relates to redoing the finish. However, there are more steps regarding this process including: first and foremost a thorough estimate, once a plan is established the following will occur: removing existing finish, and preparing the surface for the new finish. Additionally, you are able to have creative freedom with your design choices to make the cabinets more acclimated to your lifestyle. A great aspect of this process is that you can request custom carpentry upgrades like hinge, drawer slides, spice racks, and a lazy-suzan. Cabinet refinishing is an effective and budget friendly way to modernize your kitchen. 

How can Services Plus help you with this process? 

As a full service painting and construction company, we are not only able to refinish your cabinets, but also provide you with a total kitchen remodel (if that’s up your alley and in your budget.) We will handle the installation of tiles, countertops, painting, confirming product and color selections. Additionally, our operations staff will keep you posted with any updates or questions you may have regarding your crew and the progress they have made.