There is a lot more thought that goes behind paint than you might think color psychology is included in this. And most importantly, for the sake of this article, sheen is also a significant factor when determining which paint to put in the various rooms in your home. A sheen is the amount of light reflected from the paint. In this article, we will discuss the various sheens that are offered including: glossy, satin, flat, and an in-between finish. 

High Sheen / Glossy:

High sheen / glossy paint is known for its reflective (almost mirror-like) qualities. Typically speaking, high-sheen paints allots users for an easier cleanup compared to the other sheens due to the fact that it is the most stain resistant. With this factor in mind, high sheen paints are great for spaces with high traffic. Whether it may be your kid’s bedroom, hallways, or bathrooms. However, a downside to this type of sheen is that it will provide the room with a bold statement, so if your intention the opposite of this, perhaps a different sheen is better suited. 


In contrast to a high gloss sheen, satin paint does not reflect artificial or low light. Additionally, it is great for spaces that may require a little more TLC. Whereas, glossy paint surely does not hide the imperfections of the space, a satin finish will. Therefore, a satin finish is great for kitchens and bathrooms in order to provide a quick and easy clean up. 


Next comes eggshell.  Although it is not as glossy as satin finish, it certainly has more shine than a flat finish. This sheen also has its perks. Eggshell paint is typically used in living and dining rooms because these spaces tend to not pick up dirt easily. 


Flat finish, commonly known as matte paint are non-reflective and can easily hide blemishes better than the first two sheens that have been mentioned. However, a flat finish is best suited for areas that do not have a lot of traffic, but also have a lot of light these include: offices, dining rooms, and ceilings.