Updated Backsplash: 

Most folks don’t find the time (or money) or remodel their kitchen, but once both of those aspects have been properly allocated, an updated backsplash is a smart move. This is great for both functionality and for visual aspects. Your backsplash may have cracked or stained over the years, and making a change can allow you to pick a tile that suits your current needs. Alongside this, follows creative freedom to add a pop of color or an eye-catching design as well.

Paint dated cabinets:

Our customers love when our contractors restore their cabinets. It is a great way to work with the cabinets you already have, while having the option to change the color and add any custom features without having to start from scratch. If you are unsure of a color, schedule a color constellation! However, you can never go wrong with an updated stain or a fresh coat of white paint. Any of the options you choose, our team will help nurture your creative endeavors in regards to your color choices. 

Add a kitchen island: 

A kitchen island is a great option for those looking to increase their counter and storage space. You can also add custom carpentry features to your kitchen island such as extended counter tops which are perfect for hosting. Besides added counter space, a kitchen island also provides a large area for storage. This can include a space in the cabinets, or custom hanging racks can be included in the estimate. 

Creative storage and shelving:

In the past our customers have requested custom carpentry. This can range from built in pull-out drawers to custom shelving in a pantry. Having these options are great for organization, especially if you are an avid chef, or have kids, or just enjoy grabbing a quick snack.

Upgraded fixtures and appliances:

During a kitchen remodel, it is also important to note that your appliances and fixtures may need to be updated; whether for practical or aesthetic purposes. There are a number of upgrades that can be added to make your kitchen experience easier. These include: built in water filtration systems, no touch faucets, or a pasta arm the list goes on and on. You also may want to consider updated your appliances as well. This can be done to add coherence to the new colors and furnishings, or you may just want to have the accessibility of brand a brand new stove or refrigerator.