Like a kitchen or kitchenette, there are various options to choose from to fit your needs. Here are two factors to consider, will you be using your basement as an additional living space and how much are you willing to spend. Adding a bathroom is of course an additional expense with the cost of materials, labor, and hiring a plumber. However, if that is what you are looking for, it is more than worth it!  At Services Plus, our team can assist with product selections, creating blueprints, and pulling any necessary permits. 

Kitchenette or Kitchen:

For those who don’t know, there is a slight difference between kitchenettes and kitchens. The difference is that kitchenettes offer less amenities than a full kitchen. However, they bother offer strong benefits depending on the direction you would like to take your basement. For example, having a full kitchen can be used as a rental space. A kitchenette often consists of a fridge, cabinets, sink, and microwave, whereas a kitchen has the full amenities. No matter what you choice, each options are great additions to your basement.

Bedroom or home office:

It is quite common for jobs to offer their employees to work from home. If you have the space in your basement, you might want to consider adding a home office, which is a great change of pace. Our team can add walls, hire electricians, complete any carpentry work, and paint to your color of choosing. Additionally, a bedroom is a great investment; whether you plan to host guests or are looking to sell in the future. A bedroom and bathroom combo in your basement is hard to pass up!

Added Storage / Laundry Room:

Creating a space to organize your possessions that you might not want to store in your garage or elsewhere in your home can easily be placed in a custom built storage unit. Say you want to have a an extra space to organize your excess of non-perishable foods, our team can design custom shelving. Additional, we can build and install cabinets which are a perfect part of a laundry room.

Home Gym: 

Do you have work out gear but don’t have the proper space to utilize it? Creating a home gym is a great contribution to your basement. Especially if you enjoy working out solo, you can now do it from the comforts of your own home!