Our Latest Projects 

Type: Deck and Staircase Remodeling
Time Frame: 12 days
Budget: ~$43,000
Materials: PVC boards, composite railings, black metal spindles

Located directly on the ocean, the owner of this gorgeous waterfront property needed help getting their deck and staircase up to code. We crafted a blueprint that outlined the details on the remodel which included replacing the deck itself and the staircase.

We demoed the previous deck and disposed of the old materials accordingly. On top of that, we also added a shower room and a new platform to the stairway that connects the driveway, side door and back deck to increase the flowability of the space.

The customer had the old deck in pressure treated lumber and required that the new deck was built using PVC boards, composite railings, and black metal spindles.
Creating a new section to connect the driveway, side door, and older deck was no simple feat, however building a staircase doing down approximately 40 feet into the ocean certainly was challenging. However, our team of General Contractors and carpenters were able to design a new deck with two landings that only looked amazing, but also met construction codes.

Type: Exterior Painting
Time Frame: 6 days
Budget: ~$9,825

Materials: Emerald Rain Refresh Latex Exterior Paint

These clients were a young couple burrowed in the suburbs of a farm-like community. They wanted to update their home, without compromising the countryside-like qualities of the surroundings. Our team was able to change the colors of the trim and the windows, creating a modern effect that still maintained the client’s vision. By keeping the siding white, our team was able to embrace the rustic environment. This is the end result.

Type: Carpentry
Time Frame: 8 days
Budget: ~$32,835
Materials: Cedar shingles, VP Barrier Installation
Upon meeting this client, our estimators quickly noticed that a simple carpentry job would not be the case on this large sized barn in the back of the house. Our licensed General Contractor that was brought on site determined that they would not just be
replacing a few shingles, but a full restoration for the fill sides of this amazing looking barn.

The project required little reinforcement to the structure of the barn, followed by new cedar shingles, plywood replacement, VP barrier installation and PVC trim was installed on the corner board.

The client was stunned by the final result and can enjoy the barn for many years to come.

Type: Deck Remodeling
Time Frame: 12 days
Budget: ~$66,554
Materials: Wolf Decking Floor composite boards, Tital Vinyl-liad aluminum railings.

In order to start this massive deck renovation project, we had to acquire the proper permits from the town. Afterwards, our team of licensed carpenters and contractors started by demoing the existing deck and disposing of the trash accordingly. The frame of the deck was replaced with pressure treated wood, and a new ledger was installed on the perimeter side of the deck where it meets the house.

The frame was built with 2” x 10” lumber according to the layout which includes all header joists, outside joists, brams and ledgers. Additionally, a new staircase was built. The clients decided on Wolf Decking Floor composite boards, which were installed with ceramic coated screws to prevent rust. Lastly, Tital Vinyl-liad aluminum railings were added to complete the overall improved look and structural integrity of the deck. Now this client and their family, can enjoy their beautiful outdoor oasis from the comforts of their own home.

Type: Carpentry and Exterior Painting
Time Frame: 8 days
Budget: ~$50,800
Materials: Cedar clapboard, PVC Window paneling, Sherwin-Williams paint
The preparation prior to the start of a carpentry or exterior painting job plays an essential role in the final results. During this project, our team completed a number of carpentry repairs in order to get started with the painting itself. Corner board, fascia, garage and soffit trim was replaced as well as 10 storm windows, and pre primed cedar clapboard were substituted in the relevant areas accordingly.


Additionally, all loose nail heads were replaced with stainless steel ringed nails next to the loose nails. Approximately three sections of PVC window paneling and decorative moulding were installed. After the carpentry work was completed, our crew painted the shutters, front door, trim and siding. The deck in the backyard was power washed, sanded, and stained.

Type: Carpentry and Exterior Painting
Time Frame: 10 days
Budget: ~$20,895
Materials: Cedar clapboard, PVC Window paneling, Sherwin-Williams paint

After our General Contractor evaluated the scene, it was determined that a full siding
replacement was necessary rather than just simply repairing it. Firstly, our team started by stripping the entire garage siding, corner boards, door window trims and gable trims.