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We understand that our success is attributed to our employees being able to deliver an exceptional product. For that reason, we strongly invest in their training, helping them to become better professionals and craftsmen.

Services Plus believes that by working with each employee in a 1 on 1 training program, we can ensure that every employee develops the skills necessary to achieve his own high standard for exceptional service. The owner personally teaches the techniques and experiences he has refined over his nearly two decades in the industry to every employee. He requires that all employees know how to address a customer’s needs while acting in a polite and respectful manner in their homes.

Employees are extensively trained in product knowledge. They must know what, where, when, and how to use every product and tool. They are trained to understand that every day they are improving people’s homes, and not every issue or problem can be treated in the same manner. Job safety classes are mandatory, both our customers’ and employees’ safety are at the forefront of our minds.​

Here at Services Plus we understand that hiring contractors and inviting them into your home is an act of trust. For that reason, our staff are trained to complete a project with minimal disruption to the customer, while always using the utmost level of courtesy and care our customers expect.

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