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Summer Special Offers

As we prepare for Summer, Services Plus would like to offer exterior paiting customers with projects over $1,799.99 these
THREE Special Offers!

1. $200 OFF Exterior Painting

We bring the highet quality exterior panting services to your home. Call us today to receive an estimate, initiate your project, and receive this exclusive discount on your next exterior painting project!

2. FREE Color Consultation

Helping you fall in love with your home all over again means helping you through each part of the painting process. We are so excited to offer complimentary consultations to find the color that makes your house look the best it can!

3. FREE Upgrade on Exterior Paint

Take pride in the durability of your exterior paint and take pride in the people you hire to apply it. This upgrade will feature the NEW Sherwin-Williams luxurious Emerald Rain Refresh exterior paint. With just a splash of water, all the dirt and particles wash off this ultra-durable paint. Call us today to learn more!

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